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Global Footprint Network
Inforgraphic visualizing the United States' addiction to fossil fuels. The numbers in the clouds represent the Carbon Footprint in global acres per capita, while the percentages show the portion of primary energy consumption from renewables.
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Impossible Foods
Impossible Foods is creating meat and cheese from plants. The taste that people love, which has always come from animal sources, now can be enjoyed without negative health and environmental impacts. This branding assignment included identity, packaging and web site design, as well as hats, t-shirts and a food truck. The logo has four versions, each using a different animal to represent products the company is developing. 
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Kite Hill
 Packaging for three flavors of Kite Hill almond milk cheese.
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Campaign identity for Sony Playstation 4. Agency: BBH, NY.
League of Amazing Programmers
Identity for coding school for kids.
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Men's Health
Diagram for an article on pain. Whether a dislocated shoulder is more traumatic than a heart attack is highly debatable, but this was a fun assignment.
The new logotype was developed to help increase awareness for Caltech. It reinforces the name people use to refer to the school, instead of "California Institute of Technology." It reflects the Institute’s stature and is easy for all divisions to use. The traditional university seal is still used for formal and official applications, though it no longer communicates the school’s modern approach to science and technology.
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Public Workout Space
Environmental graphics for Basic Training, an outdoor fitness company installing a workout space for public use in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. The free, pop-up fitness area will transform a previously unused parking lot within Hayes Valley's PROXY project into a multi-use space.
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Theme illustration for Intel "Look Inside"  campaign. Agency: Venables Bell, SF.
Animated illustrations for an article about the recent financial crisis and its place in U.S. history. The story is part of a digital magazine published by UCLA's Anderson School of Management.
Brand New Ways
Logotype for Brand New Ways, a blog and podcast hosted by Jennifer Leonard, a journalist, author and design lead at IDEO, the global innovation consultancy. The blog is an ongoing investigation into human potential and Jennifer's spin on the design of our lives. The podcast, Jennifer says, "is a series of conversations with rule breakers, change makers, and rebels with a cause. These conversations give us hope and proof of our unprecedented capacity to change the world."
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Global Footprint Network 2012
Under pressure to grow GDP each year, nations continue to overuse and sell-off their limited natural resources to increase economic expansion. As populations grow and the Earth’s resources are constrained, the effects can become disastrous. Global Footprint Network is a team of “ecological accountants” measuring human pressure on the planet. Countries that integrate the organization’s results, and other Footprint tools, into their economic policy have a much better chance to succeed in a world of limited resources.
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Orthodontist logo
Proposed logo update for an orthodontist in Berkeley and Orinda, California.
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The relaunch of Kennington, a men's apparel brand founded in Los Angeles in 1957. The company is known for its eclectic mix of surf, western, floral and patterned shirts. The original Kennington logo, cherished by the founding family, as well as early customers, was gently reworked and given a flexible color palette to fit with the way it is used today. The project was a collaboration with Mark Frankel of Sardine.
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Chelsea Pictures
Chelsea Pictures represents an incredible group of directors, from Oscar winners to respected indie names. The company produces commercials, feature films, music videos and documentaries.
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Hero Production
Identity for Hero Production. The company, owned by Heather Hero, produces photoshoots for brands such as Banana Republic, Levi's, Gap, and Dockers, as well as others outside the apparel industry.
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Global Footprint Network 2011
Global Footprint Network is a team of “ecological accountants” measuring human pressure on the planet. Countries that integrate the organization’s results, and other Footprint tools, into their economic policy have a much better chance to succeed in a world of limited resources.
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Economic success for countries means living within both financial and natural budgets. Spending more than we earn can have increasingly difficult challenges.
Edeniq is a biofuel company using mechanical and biological processes to break down plant materials into sugars that become sustainable fuels or industrial materials. The work includes a new web site, identity, pitch deck, stationery and brand book. The leaf and hexagon shape (from a sugar crystal) in the logo are combined to form a mixture of nature and science.
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Agency L.O.A.
Brand identity for Laws of Attraction.
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Crate & Barrel Holiday
A concept for the brand's online holiday promotion. The idea, executed in partnership with Mark Frankel of Phenomenon, was to have the public vote for products to be put on sale. Live results would then to be posted on the site.
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Rows of pennies arranged by amount of oxidation.
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This image was used by the New York Times blog to illustrate a story on the neglected penny.
Asian Art Museum: Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance
Identity and advertising design for Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance. 
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"An extensive program of performances, normally an outrigger to such a show of artifacts, in this case represents an effort to bring [the exhibition] alive." — San Francisco Chronicle.

Instead of an object on a
white or gray surface, a video
capture from a shadow puppet performance was used to convey what made this museum exhibition unique.
Global Footprint Network 2010
The world's population demands the resources of 1.5 Earths annually. If everyone lived like the United States, it would be 5 Earths. Global Footprint Network is a think-tank and team of "ecological accountants" measuring human pressure on the planet. The annual results, and other Footprint tools, are used by countries to inform policy decisions in an effort to demand less of the Earth, protect more of its assets and achieve the goal of living within the means of one planet.
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Earth Overshoot Day, which was September 27th this year, marks an unfortunate milestone: the day in which we exhaust our ecological budget for the
year. Once we pass this day, humanity will have demanded all the ecological services—from filtering CO2 to producing the raw materials for food—
that nature can provide this
year. From that point until
the end of the year, we meet
our ecological demand by liquidating resource stocks
and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
A book about the benefits of the Crate & Barrel Wedding and Gift Registry. Couples' online and in-store experiences are featured along with their portraits. Agency: Phenomenon
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8th Continent Soymilk
8th Continent is a family-owned dairy in California that sources its beans domestically and makes it's milk in small batches. The sun icons identify flavors and serve as a reminder that soymilk is a healthy, plant-based drink. Agency: BBDO; Illustrations: Ben Javens
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"This is beyond charming and, in terms of evolution, amazingly drastic. What was once painfully generic and drab packaging is now a smile-inducing breath of minimalist fresh air." — Armin Vit, UnderConsideration
Basic Training
Basic Training offers outdoor fitness classes. Many workouts start at 6:00 in the morning or 5:30 in the afternoon. The site design includes sections for class types, instructors, registration, schedule, blog, a mini-shop and even help waking up.
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Basic Training
Basic Training is a fitness program that uses only outdoor locations for its classes.
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"I knew it was time for something new when my gym added internet access to the stationary bikes."— Michael S., San Francisco